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Dangerous Valentine's Chapter Two

Dangerous Valentines
Chapter Two
by Sebastian Blade
Copyright 2011, all rights reserved
Please do not archive - When the story is finished, it might get made into an ebook.

Jody really did think about calling off, getting tickets to Maui, stealing Alin out of the his  office.  He was still thinking about it when he parked his little brown car.  Alin thought Jody's devotion to the hospital was as intense as Alin's devotion to peacekeeping was. Jody let him think that. It made life easier. Alin loved Jody as much as he loved peace and Jody had no desire to make his husband choose. In the wars, both of them had had too many choices taken away. When Alin was ready, Jody would walk away from the hospital without a second glance. He'd take up family practice. They'd never spend another night apart. Even if it took a life time for Alin to put his demons to rest, it would be a life time together for every moment they could have.  What ever demons Jody had carried out of the wars wi…

Yo Yo Ma

He just won the Presidential Medal of Freedom! I've missed so much about our culture! I love Yo Yo Ma, but I didn't know there was a Presidential Medal of Freedom. Art is so powerful! I love our president!


Dangerous Valentines Chapter One

Audio Chapter:

So something new today. Jo was talking about how stories should be recorded and stuff... and I thought today was an excellent day to give it a try. If I keep doing these, I'm sure it'll get better.  Below is the text of the chapter. Encouragement will only make me work faster, you know.
Dangerous Valentines Chapter One by Sebastian Blade All Rights Reserved Copyright 2011

"Happy anniversary," Jody whispered into Alin's ear. "You're the sexiest man alive."  Jody's voice warmed everything. That warmth made Alin feel like he was the center of the world. He shivered, rolled towards his lover. "Best seven years of my life. What's this?" "Eight ounces of fresh squeezed orange juice, two servings," Jody paused. Alin's violet eyes watched Jody with a familiar combination of sternness and adoration. Jody smiled apologetically. "I brought you breakfast. It's Valentine's Day." "Gonna be …

Thoughts on Evolution vs Creationism

When the topic of evolution versus creationism comes up, people who believe in Creationism almost inevitable proclaim that they, "Did not come from monkeys!" I can understand being disturbed by the thought that one's distant ancestor was a monkey. If that was what evolution proposed, I'd have problems with it too.

The debate can get quite heated. The response to someone's insistence that they didn't come from monkeys is often something along the lines of not needing a "Great Sky Wizard" to have life and modern society.

When the two sides of this debate reach the level of name calling, there's not a lot of real information being passed between them. Monkeys and sky wizards just like to throw rocks and lightening bolts. Human beings are neither monkeys nor the children of sky wizards. Evolution doesn't mean there wasn't a creator, but failing to understand this theory is like saying that electrical engineering has nothing to do with the …

Script: Damages

I just wrote. It's for class.... I'm not very experienced with scripts, so I don't know if it's any good.

Characters NATHAN: A homeless teenage boy who was thrown out of his home after disclosing that he is  homosexual. MARY: A middle aged woman who has worked in the courthouse for fifteen years, conservatively dressed. Int – day – court house: Nathan enters court house Nathan walks into the courthouse. He's holding a file to his chest, looking very intimidated as he walks up to a clerk recorder's window.  NATHAN: (pause, nervous shuffle) Is this where I file court paper work? MARY: (looks him up and down, arches eyebrows) Shouldn't you be in school?" NATHAN: (stands a little taller) I'm working on a project.  MARY: (smiles) Okay, honey, what can I help you with? NATHAN: [beat] (puts file on the counter, both hands on it protectively still) I need to file these papers to start a law suit. MARY: Honey, you need a lawyer for that. You should talk to your parents…

Review: Eat People by Andy Kessler

Title: Eat People: And Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs
By: Andy Kessler
Genre: non-fiction/business

I loved this book! I read it all in one swallow and it's given me a lot to think about. I ought to tell you that this is the first business book I've every read. I did do some business classes when I was at WGU, but the difference between undergrad business classes where you're talking about what kind of business licenses is like pureed green beans compared to Mr. Kessler's book which is more like a three course meal with a whiskey chaser.

I even took a history class once that went over the differences between vertical and horizontal business structures, but they way he talks about it, the examples he gave... it was like, oh good heavens! I think I get it.

One of the concepts I really liked was scale, though I confess, I really need to think about it more. Greater volume of sales, at a lower price, greater profit, to more people, an…