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Review: A Different Breed by Angel Martinez

So today was Gay Day! And I won a prize! The book A Different Breed by Angel Martinez. I read it up right away :)

I'm going to give it four fangs out of five!

I loved the characters. I love their interactions. The writing was very solid, easy to read and not dumbed down at all. I don't write a lot of reviews. I haven't read as much as I should in the last few years.  The characters are switches and so well balanced.

That said, the story is very much a romance, a love story with effective sex scenes. It makes excellent use of the vampire tropes.

So highly recommend it :)


Mouse Brown

Mouse Brown
By Sebastian Blade

"I don't know. Your hair," Janet said, fat fingers reaching to touch long stringy hair, "It's just mouse brown."

The harvest gold refrigerator said nothing. Eyes the color of nothing watched Janet. Pong played around the corner in the living room. A boy laughed. A digital ball smacked back and forth. Bing.

Uneven clipped steps, larger and smaller, tires slicing wet on payment, a sweating hand holding a smaller one. It was 1973. It was San Francisco. It was Haight Ashbury. Black Beauties were money. Children were money. The mother paused at a phone booth, stepped just slightly inside. Curls, framed her face, divided on the side, like Marilyn Monroe. Her name was Marilyn too.

She jerked the child closer. Nothing colored eyes narrowed, then the face relaxed, smiled compliantly. Light brown hair clung to the child's face. Home was Mom's hand.

Mom hissed, eyes wide, frantic. "Stay close!"

There were demons.

A h…

promo: Mating Rituals

Title: Mating Rituals by: Sebastian Blade  Publisher: SLPP Genre: m/m/m, science fiction Rating: Very Hot, graphic sexual encounters... tentacles :)  Size: 6,400 words Price 2.99 Author's Website: Buy Link: Also available AllRomanceEbooks, Rainbow Ebooks, Kindle, Lulu, and Smashwords Blurb:  Tig has Followed the Long Path. He's been alive longer than humans have been exploring out past our solar system of origin.  When he hired Raphael to work as a botanist on the Morehouse, he had no idea what that sudden impulse of attraction was going to get him into. Some species really shouldn't mix. Sirens are restricted, for their good and humanity's good, the two should not make long haul trips between the stars. It is possible to make the best mistakes without realizing what you're doing... Excerpt: "Um," Raphael moaned. "Touch me." "Again," Tig asked before he could stop hims…