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Interview: Blak Rayne

Interview with Blak
Blak! Welcome to the cafe!  
How are you today? We're so excited that you could join us! I love your name.  I get tired of being asked about my name, so I won't ask. *holds up hands, smiles* Still, feel free to tell us about your name if you like. I love your characters. They could be my drug of choice.... Tell us about why you started writing? What inspires you?
Good evening,
I'm fine, a bit worn out, but breathing. Had the big Christmas bash with my husband's employer this evening. It was great! Same old group.
Why I started writing??? Hmmm...been asked this before kind of. LOL Because I've been telling stories and embellishing the truth since I can remember! I loved to thrill my parents with a good yarn and I used to tell my brother stories to scare them. I've always enjoyed reading and writing.
What can I say my imagination needs to be shared! **smiles**
My biggest inspiration has to be life. I look all around and I see stories just waiting to be told. It can be a funny comment, a person I've met or a song I've heard on the radio - absolutely anything and everything can inspire when you're a dreamer.
It is great to see old friends! I think a lot of writers know in childhood, have just always been writing, creating stories! Here in western culture, do you think we do enough to encourage children to write/create? What about all the new media and technology? 
I remember writing pages and pages with a blue ball point pen. Now I don't know if I can write without my keyboard. It's just a different dynamic. 
Do you have a favorite writing exercise for kids or parents?
I think the encouragement is definitely lacking at the schools - actually everywhere. 
It's too easy to pick up an ipod etc and just plug in. Reading and writing, creating are the basis of the human race - the ability to communicate with one another, to share and to enhance our existence. And it's so important to stimulate the brain. Plus, if you read/write/create you inevitably gain knowledge. Having said all that, I think everyone should encourage their children to read, write and create! I do with mine. Now one is an artist and the other (well he's too young to decide yet)! LOL
Technology is great and it has the potential to do so many wonderful things, but there's also a scary path that it takes. We could end up becoming too dependent on computers and I'm talking about the simplest of functions. From an author's perspective, the technology is nothing short of a miracle, now everyone can pen a novel and distribute it world wide!
I don't really have a favourite exercise for kids or parents - just spend time together (get away from the electronics), share and I believe the family that reads/writes and creates together will be stronger for it!
Well said! I agree with you.  Though we all plug in from time to time. What is your favorite movie? Why? 
What technology do you use most? What can you just NOT live without? What would you like to see disappear from the history of humanity? What do you hope we invent in the future? 
Do you want to live forever?
Okay, now this is a hard one...there are so many movies I love.
It's a real toss up...all right here goes. I absolutely love LOTR (Lord of The Rings) and it's a favourite because every time I watch it, I'm lost - if that makes sense? I love the epic adventure of it all and how I'm transported to another world.  This series is one of the best fantasy movie series to ever be produced. Nothing compares really - well maybe Narnia or Harry Potter. 
Another reason I love this series, because my original novels are fantasy and that's what I'm gearing up to publish next year. 
But not to worry I'll still continue with my homoerotic writing! LOL
As far as technology goes, I use my IMac the most and I use it for everything, writing, movies, music - total creation! I hug it every day! A happy computer works better! LOL Technically speaking - I can't live without my Mac ^_^!! Personally speaking - I can't live without my family, especially my kids and hubby! (Not sure which you were asking). 
Wow that's a tough one...disappear from humanity. If I could wave a magic wand and take something away to better mankind, I'd make greed and intolerance my targets. Greed is what's caused the world's woes - whether the greed of money, land, sex whatever, it's caused every war, every murder, basically every unjust act. And I think intolerance is self-explanatory. The two go hand in hand, I believe.
I hope someone invents a total self-publication program! So you can get an ISBN number, advertise, do your own book cover etc. Self Publication for Dummies! (Unless they already one?) LOL
Living forever would be so cool, when you think of all the things you could learn, see and do. But also so upsetting, as in watching loved ones die. None of us want to die, but would you really want to live forever??? I'm sitting on the fence with this one.
Funny! I use a Mac too! I don't hug mine, but I do write things on it... I can never remember how to spell fiercely or what the dimensions of things are supposed to be, and occasionally, when I'm painting, I'll have the bit of left over pretty color and that'll get smeared on the poor thing :) It's a very hippy machine. 
If there is immortality, and there might be, within our lifetimes, who says that our loved ones won't have it as well? 
I also write more fantasy... or would do fantasy/sci-fi... great spec fic... I just want my characters to bang when they feel the need. It's kind of an odd balancing thing... having there be enough sex for me to feel I've been true, but not too much so I don't feel like I've been true. 
Why do you think American culture feels okay with violence (Saw... and many movies), but not okay with sexuality?
That's a really hard one to answer. War is a large part of the nation's history, worn into the fabric of American life... Or maybe it's the fact that most Americans feel awkward discussing sex?
I really don't have a clue, but I've known the difference since childhood - Europeans use sex in their movies and Americans use violence. 
Okay! So history is a huge part of what's in my tea cup! Do you have a favorite period of history? 
Yes, I prefer ancient history. Medieval especially - King Arthur, The Knights Templar!
The Knights Templar are fascinating! I have a book with recently rediscovered information about their actual trials. Very interesting stuff, but I guess that's the stuff of a different interview!
Thank you so much for joining us! 
Now tell us where we can find out more about you? About your latest release and where we can find it? Which is your favorite bookseller? Do you have a facebook? Where do we come hang out with you?
The best place to reach me is via my blog, website or any of the yahoo groups I'm associated with. In my blog I've got a list that shows what I'll be doing next - chats etc!
But to reach me personally, here's my email:
My latest release is Devotion 2, which is published by eXtasy Books. I've been working diligently and I should have several other books ready for publication in early 2011!
The next is a bounty hunter series titled Benevolence Book 1 - Master of Illusion! You can check out my website for the latest updates!
To be honest, I don't have a favourite book seller, each one has great stuff and it depends what I'm in the mood for!
Yes I have facebook - who doesn't?? LOL 
Here are all my links:
Thanks so much for having me Nix! I really enjoyed all the interesting questions!  (But then I always love chatting with you!)
Blak Rayne ^_^!!
Thank you so much for joining us! It's been a great interview and I hope some of our readers will have questions for you too! 


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