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The House of Braids and Tales

That's what I'm calling my blog these days! 

The braid.. that comes from my love of Duo Maxwell, who I don't own, and Jewls the Lucky, who I do. 
It's being a good day today. My textbooks got here for the class that starts in January! My depression is way less today. Attitude, attitude!  The holidays make me so lonely sometimes! 

This year! I'm going to finish my degree, lose weight, be kind and healthy to myself, be open to finding the love of my life, cosplaying lots!

What are you all's plans for the new year? you think it's fair or moral? Right and just that people everywhere get to say anything they want about a public figure? That just is one of those 'truths' that our culture currently accepts with rabid agreement. If you're a public figure, anyone can say anything they want, sneak up on you and take your photo, say your ideas are stupid or send you sexually suggestive material? 

I'm know I'm pushing it a little there, but who hasn't imagined a rock star getting a pair of panties in the mail and being pleased with the package? 

Recently a couple of guys who were reading my stories decided that it was okay to start telling me they had sexual feelings for me... @.@. That can come out good.. but if you say... "No. Let's be friends" And the response is... "But I love you! I just feel like I want to be so much closer to you!" Or you tell the guy with the wife and kid, who lives in a country that probably stones transexuals that you're a transexual man and you're not interested and his response is, "OH! You're an emotional girl!"


Like holy flaming bats! 

No! It's not okay to say whatever comes to mind about a public figure! It's not okay to think that someone who writes erotica is really just dying to be the bun to everyone's hot sausage! 

When people create something and then they share it with the world, that's not a clue that it's okay to rip up their work and say whatever about them as a person! 

We'd have more beautiful art in the world if we treated our creators better! Don't you think?
So anyway... this is supposed to be a promo post for my new story, which is a m/m historical-ish kind of set in an AU world that is reminiscent of the Norman invasion of England. 

You know those stories where the plucky young girl is now the last member of the old house and has to marry the new Norman lord? Well this is that, but m/m and just a little different. I'm not sure that the 'Norman' king isn't going to be interested in the hero of the story.... :) 

So come visit me, ne? Let's talk about how we treat the creators of art in our society and if you like, have a look at my new story!



Jules said…
Here is my take on the whole public figure thing - NO! They don't have a right to your life story, your private life, your underwear size, who you sleep with, who you fantasize about, or which hand you use to jack off with! They are free to admire you for what you do, but anything else is none of their damned business. They can ask, but the word no means NO, so step off wanna be stalkers, and let us breathe!

(Never had one of my own, but let's pretend for a moment that I have).

Being a celebrity does not mean you give up your right to privacy in any way. Nor does writing erotic romances mean you're loose moraled and willing to sleep around. Jesus Christ! Being friends is a good thing, but be willing to find the line when it's drawn and don't step over it.

You are free to say what you like about a person's work, opinions are free, but don't expect anyone to take it as gospel.

There, stepping off the soapbox now. Hi, Nix, by the way, nice to meet you, I'm Julie. Or you can call me Jules :)
Nix Winter said…
Hi Jules! Lovely to meet you!

I was talking to one of my housemates today about this as well today. He spent some time in a hospital this year and if he'd been a celebrity, photographers and news media might have been there, commenting, wondering, speculating, the way the media does to people. The only thing that makes that okay or not okay is if the person creates art or performance of some kind, does some kind of public service...

I think you're totally right that creators and public servants should retain their privacy.

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