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The House of Braids and Tales

That's what I'm calling my blog these days! 

The braid.. that comes from my love of Duo Maxwell, who I don't own, and Jewls the Lucky, who I do.  It's being a good day today. My textbooks got here for the class that starts in January! My depression is way less today. Attitude, attitude!  The holidays make me so lonely sometimes! 

This year! I'm going to finish my degree, lose weight, be kind and healthy to myself, be open to finding the love of my life, cosplaying lots!

What are you all's plans for the new year? you think it's fair or moral? Right and just that people everywhere get to say anything they want about a public figure? That just is one of those 'truths' that our culture currently accepts with rabid agreement. If you're a public figure, anyone can say anything they want, sneak up on you and take your photo, say your ideas are stupid or send you sexually suggestive material? 

I'm know I'm pushin…

Lord by Grace - Chapter One

Lord of Grace
By Nix Winter

The Gods give order to the stars, to all things that live, to the hearts of men which they comfort in the Great Hall between the brief flickers of mortal life.

Simone Longswan knelt at the Alter of in this foreign church. Tall white candles lit the stone chapel with a tender flickering yellow warmth, cast long rough shadows as the demons in a knight's worries. The burning light brought out the gold in his pony tailed hair, a warmth to his stubbled face. Wearing only the padded linen jacket that would protect his broad shoulders from his heavier metal plate and familiar, well used leather breeches, he prayed for both wisdom and courage.

"So many prayers," a slightly teasing voice asked. "Feasting does not appeal to you?"

Simone rocked back onto his bare feet, feeling the granite against them as grounding, drawing back to the minor realities of the world, rather than the larger unknown of his first real battle the following day. &q…

Jewls snip

There had been a time when he thought his name would be... Jewls the Lucky of the House of Fire Master of the Violin Most Esteemed of the Gods. He'd been thirteen when he thought up that name. His fingers strained, reaching just a little farther, a little farther. "Lower," he hissed at Connor Greenfeather, his adopted brother, of sorts, as bards didn't actually have family and braiders didn't really adopt people either. "Almost there!" His hiss was as quiet as the wind around the stone walls of the tower they were trying to inflict a little justice on.

Jewls, with red hair and a stubborn grasp of his own version of fairness and justice, didn't get along so very well with most of the worlds nobility, bardic cliques, or pretty much anyone else that saw the demon blood in his red hair before they saw his bard mark.

Connor was a good man, powerfully built with dark hair and a steady willingness to follow his unofficially adopted brother into pretty m…

Dark December Poetry

darkness digests the soul hitting suddenly  grinding bone thinning skin falling like a cold rain from so far above but only present when it chills  saps seeps the kin of tears cold blood solitude there is the want  for the breath of day the darling imperfection  of one more chance where bitter is sweeter than dark and even my damaged soul might seem beautiful

August and Corey happy together

Just a pic of August and Corey, happy, sometime after 'The Trick in the Saturday'. I"m not entirely sure where they are, but they're feeling very content.

The art I referenced was done by the brilliant Sethron!

The Trick in the Saturday Ch 6

The Trick in the Saturday by Sebastian Blade
Copyright 2010 all rights reserved Chapter Six "Corey." "I'm here," Corey replied. They lay together on the floor, August's head on Corey's shoulder, Corey's arms around him, holding him tight. "I love you." "I'm frightened. I don't want you to be here too. I want you to be safe. I was happy thinking about you being happy. Why is this happening?" Corey tightened his hold for a moment, gentle though, aware that August was bruised and tender. "There is a purpose for everything. I couldn't be happy without you. I'd trade a hundred years without you for just this moment, if I had to chose. People are looking for us. They are going to find us." "I can't tell time. How long  have I been gone?" "This is the second day. Do you trust me?" "I trust you," August said, a once strong hand trembling as he laced his fingers through Corey's. "I…

The Trick in the Saturday Ch 5

The Trick in the Saturday Chapter Five by Sebastian Blade Note:  Perpetua gave me come great ideas for expanding it, places where it was confusing. The final version is going to have about three more chapters at the beginning, but I am going to finish the blog version first! Thank you for reading and commenting! Fear translated into nerves for Corey. He'd only spoken once on the van ride. He'd asked if the crazy eyed man knew Jesus as his savior, if he'd been baptized. The man had offered to tape his mouth shut. The driver had warned him not to tape the 'red head slut's nose over'. And that was that. Corey found he could actually be quiet.  It wasn't actually that long of a ride, but it felt longer, as John, Corey had decided to call him John, started drawing a razor blade lightly over his arms, carving obscene words in red. So he silently recited the Lord's Prayer, over and over again.  Deep in his past, before his mother had abandoned him, before Saint Sarah…