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Promo: I Hate Christmas

Title: I Hate Christmas
Author: Nix Winter
Publisher: SLPP
Genre: m/m, paranormal, Christmas joy
Rating: Warm, only one small sex scene
Price. 2.99
Tag line: It's "A Wonderful Life" meets a cop show and the King of Fairies. 
Kindle Link:
Also available on,, and Kindle, when it populates
Note: Meet the Morgans and Kai Stubborn are both back story to this story.
Blurb:  Taylish has his reasons for hating Christmas. He has enough of them that he's stopped counting. Oh he loves his husband and his father and until his Captain decided to transfer him to homicide, he loved his job. The year before his husband was rescued by some, hopefully, well meaning woman and both he and Taylish's father are convinced that he was saved by the ghost of Taylish's dead mother. 
Tay doesn't believe in ghosts. He doesn't buy Christmas trees. He's so not expecting what's coming.
Taylish Morgan and his husband Daniel lazed on the living room floor. Christmas Eve was meant for playing video games and flirting with sex in the privacy of one's own apartment. The pizza was half eaten. As far as Taylish was concerned. this was the ideal Christmas. All he needed was Daniel, pizza, zombies, and a quiet living room. 
"Taylish," Daniel said sweetly, drawing his husband's name out.  They sat on the floor, two grown men and a video game system, a second TV playing a crackling fire, turned so that Taylish didn't have to see the festive holiday display. It was as close to Christmas as Taylish Morgan's apartment ever got. "Baby, I want a Christmas tree! A live tree, something I can smell all year."
Taylish groaned softly, moving his character through a long alley, only barely avoiding the zombies that wanted to eat him.  "You can put ornaments on me?"
"I can hear the grin in your voice," Daniel said, irritation in his own. "You don't want peppermint in your cock, do you?"
Taylish paused his game stretched out on the floor by Daniel, kissing his nose, one eyebrow then the other. Daniel's violet eyes only closed when Tay's kisses touched his eyebrows. "There is no one on the planet I love more," Tay promised as he hooked a leg around Daniel's, drawing the smaller man closer, snuggling close to him. "What else smells good to you? I'll get you a rose bush? How about we hop a plane for Honolulu? Maybe we can find some plumeria, some sand warmed by the sun?"
"I like pine," Daniel said, a hand sliding under Tay's waistband, around to cup a firm ass.  "Almost as much as I like the sweet smell that is you, the warm living texture of your skin. You are the most beautiful colors."
Tay took his kisses to Daniel's neck, "Danny boy, I'll get some pine aftershave? No, actually," he pulled up to his elbow, "Damn, I love you, but Christmas. Can't I deal with Christmas, in my own way?  Honey, please. I just.... I'm trying. Christmas makes me feel bad, Danny. It's not a little thing. I know my dad gets into this holiday. I really get that he's like your dad too, and I really want to do this for you two. Please, don't ask me to."
"I'm sorry, Baby," Daniel said, wrapping his arms around his lover, rubbing his back.  "I didn't mean to push, I just wanted to let you know where I was at.  I don't care if the house smells like pine or ice cream, as long as it smells like you too. Tell me a little more about why Christmas bothers you so much?"
Tay bit Daniel's lower lip, licked, seduced questions into kisses. Voice low he purred in his husband's ear, "You are like warmth drawing me on the coldest of nights, you are the sweetness and buzz in my coffee." 
"You say the best things, Tayly. I like having you home," Daniel whispered. "Forgive me? I know you loved being a vice cop. I know you saved a lot of people... people who were like me. Baby, please, just, I don't care about the tree, but can we be a nice married couple.  Let's pretend it's Valentine's Day!"
"Ummmm," Taylish growled in agreement. "You gonna be my valentine then? Forever and ever?"
"Forever and ever and always," Daniel promised. He ran his fingers through shaggy blond curls. "Your hair is so soft, so silky on my fingers and I think I can see gold when I run my fingers through it."
"I'm lucky," Taylish said, a hint of apology in his whisper. "I can see how beautifully red your hair is, how like twilight your eyes are, feel your soft warm lips."
Daniel unfastened his pants, pushed them down his hip, "I worry sometimes, that.. you know that it's not red anymore."
"It's red," Taylish promised. "But even if it ever turns a pretty silver, you'll always be the most beautiful man in the world to me."
Daniel laughed, rolling them a little so that he straddled his lover. "You, my good sir, are a knight in glittering sugar."
"All the better to, uh," Taylish said, trying to buy for time, his hands on Daniel's hips as he rocked upwards. "To uh, stir you with."
Daniel stretched out on him, giggling, grinning, "I think I've made you tongue tied."
"Fucking hell," Taylish moaned, "Danny, don't leave me okay? Even if I'm a crazy bastard?"
"Baby," Daniel said, finding Taylish's lips without even a hint of clumsy, "You're not crazy.  A little PTSD, but you got just cause. Fuck, Tayly, you have been shot four times since I got to California. You know if you die, I'm following you, right?"
They rolled, Taylish tangling his fingers into Daniel's hair. "I"m not going to die, Danny. I swear, I'm not going to die.  I haven't been dying since you walked up behind me, okay?"
"Promise me?"
"I promise, Danny," he said, face buried in vibrantly red hair, "I promise. Danny, do you want me to stop being a cop?"


trinity said…
Congrats on the new release lady hope you have a great Turkey day. Your book sounds great.
Anonymous said…
I was hoping he might get the sugar out and give him a dusting! LOL

Love the tag line and Taylish REALLY does say some nice things.

HAPPY THANKS GIVING! And congratulations on your new release!
Beth said…
Sounds like a great read.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Rawiya said…
I loved the story, it was well done! :D

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