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New Poem about the fear of aging

The eyes lie
skin is poor defense against time
bones make powerful swords only for a moment
the soul for love ever yearns
Your touch, so far
I have searched for you so long
through the dark and frigid path
Weakness bleeds me
as if my mortal canvas
be naught but sliding color
dripping shape
turned by time
so when you find me
the curse will be that I
cannot be found by you
for all my searching
time presses it's own disguise down upon me
You are the beauty
ever sunlight's warmth
but I
have become night's gnarled claw
made beast by time and loss

The Trick in the Saturday: Chapter 3

The Trick in the Saturday Chapter Three by Sebastian Blade All Rights Reserved  Chapters 1 & 2  August pressed the edge of his hand to the center of his forehead and wondered what in the hell he'd been up to.  He massaged his forehead, trying to sort things out. There had been a party. He'd invited Corey. Corey couldn't go, of course. Corey didn't like parties.  That was a lie. Corey liked parties. August smiled, smirked in the dark. The bed under him felt lumpy, thin. Maybe he was in the church?  "Corey?" Only the distant sound of a freight train answered him. He wrinkled his nose. The place smelled like dirty motor oil. Time  shiver went through him. This wasn't the church. Corey hadn't been at the party.  He still wore his tux pants, but his jacket was gone. His wrist ached and he ran a thumb over the bandage over where his rf transmitter used to be. Professionals, completely hostile, and for a very small moment, August didn't know what to do. He c…

Promo: I Hate Christmas

Title: I Hate Christmas Author: Nix Winter Publisher: SLPP Genre: m/m, paranormal, Christmas joy Rating: Warm, only one small sex scene Price. 2.99 Tag line: It's "A Wonderful Life" meets a cop show and the King of Fairies.  Link:
Kindle Link: Also available on,, and Kindle, when it populates Note: Meet the Morgans and Kai Stubborn are both back story to this story. Blurb:  Taylish has his reasons for hating Christmas. He has enough of them that he's stopped counting. Oh he loves his husband and his father and until his Captain decided to transfer him to homicide, he loved his job. The year before his husband was rescued by some, hopefully, well meaning woman and both he and Taylish's father are convinced that he was saved…

Blatant promo

I've repackaged all the Morgan family stories into one ebook. Jeff over at 1placeforromance was looking for .99 dollar reads and it seemed like a good idea. "I Hate Christmas," another Taylish and Daniel story is about out too. So anyway, here's the promo for the new little ebook.

Title: Meet the Morgans
Author: Nix Winter
Rating: There's some hot sex scenes, and some controversial topics, but mostly it's just about their lives.
Genre: Contemporary m/m
Price: .99

Note: These are all older stories, out in one form or another. Shadow of Wishes was with Venus Press, a long time ago. I'm about to release a new Taylish and Daniel story though, so I wanted to make their back story available. The book also has a story with August and Anderson, my lawyer and priest stories. Which you can read at my blog if you like...

Blurb from Shadow of Wishes:

Taylish Morgan…

The Trick in the Saturday: chapter 1 & 2

The Trick in the Saturday by Sebastian Blade copyright 2010  all rights reserved
Chapter One August smiled at the pretty red head. They were at a very lovely Halloween party at one of the biggest supporters of his father, the senator. The red head wasn't his red head, but he'd had several rums, wore a mask, and his difficult priest seemed far away. "Why yes, I am August Richards V. I do think it's a myth that if you just love enough that happily ever after always happens, why do you ask?" The red head smiled back, pretty green eyes sparkling playfully. "Sometimes you just need to move on and I was hoping you might want to spend some time with me." Laughing, August caught the red headed cupid's hand and drew it his lips. "In my booze addled mind, I know that I have faith in my Corey. He just needed some time. He's going to come back to me. We're going to get married in the back, by the gazebo, where my parents got married, then we're going …