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An Essay about Hadrian

It's not fiction... but it was really interesting to me!

Because Fire Rained From the Sky Sebastian Blade
October 22th, 2010 Publius Aelius Hadrianus (117-138) was born on January 24th, 76.   It was probably cold the day in Rome. January is often cold, even though cold is a subjective term. Being born in the month of Janus could have been taken as an omen, but omens like weather leave different impressions on those that experience them. January is named for the God Janus, the door between worlds, between winter and spring. The baby that would become Hadrian would preside over the deification of the last effective pagan god and walk with the Empire as it embraced a value shift as great as that from Republic to Empire - that of Empire to Congregation. While the Historia Augusta asserts that Hadrian was born in Rome, other sources hadn't been as sure of that fact.  Herbert W. Benario, professor emeritus at Emory University, does not accept Rome as Hadrian's birth place without quest…

Before There was a Saturday

Before There was a Saturday by Sebastian Blade
copyright 2010  all rights reserved Note: My grasp of Catholic tradition and methods is squishy... no disrespect is meant. "Where is this man of yours," Aunt Cordilia asked as August leaned to kiss the back of her fingers. "I've heard so much about him." The fur of her wrap brushed against his hand. He smiled softly.  If being a lawyer hadn't given him a second sense about people, living with his extremely dramatic and political family would have done the job. Something was bothering Corey.  As soon as August figured out what it was, he was going to solve it.  "I expected him here," August said, he leaned closer, smiling, "Thank you for the desk. He was very impressed." Now that was an understatement. As an engagement present, Aunt Cordillia had given Corey a twenty thousand dollar antique desk. August's sandal wearing, second  hand clothes, food bank running red headed finance had been impresse…

Promo: Blood and Passion: The Cure

Blood and Passion: The Cure by Nix Winter
I meant for this to be a nice commercial bit of fiction, but it got to be important to me instead - So I want to share it with you. I'll write other things that will be more professional type stories.  This is their whole story so far! If you find that you enjoy this story please let me know, encourage me to write more for them, and support me by buying the kindle version, or the pdf at either lulu or
"I cannot comply with your request," Jessander said, voice peaceful, face and body relaxed. A slender man he was tall enough to betray spacer origins in his ancestry. Dark blue eyes, raven dark hair, he stood before the council in his finest clothes, pale blue silk toga draped over a g…