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Interview: SJ Frost

Welcome to Yaoi Kisses! It's exciting to have you with us today!
Tell us a little about yourself?  From your site it looks like you've got a lot of books out. Vampires! Yum! What do you do to research your stories? 
Hey, Nix!  Thank you so much for having me here!  A little about myself...let's see, I'm an author of m/m erotic romance.  My stories are heavily focused on the love and passion two men can have for each other.  I've been very fortunate to have my three rock star novels published with MLR Press, and in being having some short stories in various anthologies with other publishers.  And I'll second that yum on vampires!  I was really excited when my muse introduced me to some wanting their story told because I'm a big vamp fan, too.  I'm still working out the title on it, but it's been contracted by MLR Press and we're hoping for a release later this year.

I research like crazy, double and triple checking my facts in stories.  If I'm writing something I can research in the real world, like how a particular cologne smells or a type of food, I'll go out and look at it myself.  For things where I can't do that, I research online, always making sure the facts I find coincide with more than one website.  But I actually really like doing research because I love to learn new things. 
So are you musical? Do you play a musical instrument? If not, do you want to? 
I'm really good with the stereo!  Does that count?  Yeah, I didn't think so either.  Sadly, that's about as close as I can get to being musical.  I've tried to play guitar and keyboard, but the talent just isn't there.  And neither is the patience, which I completely don't understand because it takes so much patience to write.  But I guess when I'm writing, I see the progress happening on the page instantly.  Whereas when I play music, the only progress I hear is one sloppy note following another.  I would really love to play an instrument well, especially piano.  Maybe when life slows down, I'll finally take formal lessons and try to realize that dream.
What other dreams would you like to achieve? Where would you like to be in five years?
Actually, it might sound a little strange, but the majority of dreams I have now are for my son and the things I hope for him to have and achieve.  I guess if I had to pick a dream for myself and where I'd like to be in five years, it would be that I'm still writing and able to make a sound living off it.  I just hope my creative well will run deep enough to go the distance!
Writers, creators... they are everyone's voice. I think we give rise to the dreams of many people, inspire, help to create the world we all live in. When your son is an adult, what message would you want to give him?  Not parent to child, but one human being to another?
I want him to know that the things some people may single out as different with another person, aren't so much differences, but what makes a person unique and special.  The world is filled with diversity, and that diversity is what makes it beautiful.
That's a wonderful response! Thank you for joining us!  
Thank you for having me!  And another big thank you to everyone who has taken their time to learn a little bit about me and my work!  To the writing world, all I can say is keep doing what you're doing because I always need new books to buy!  To the whole world, I wish I had something deep and profound to say, but all I have is to treat each other with kindness.  It might 
not seem like much to do, but often a little bit of it means a whole lot.  
Where can people find you to learn more and get your great stories?
To learn more about my writing, feel free to visit my website,  And on September 6, my new blog at will also be a place to find out what I'm up to.  To buy my books, MLR Press carries different formats of the ebooks, but they're also available in ebook and print from several retailers, like Amazon, ARe, and Fictionwise.  Reader's choice on where they like to shop!


Nice interview! Lets hear it for m/m! So happy to know that it is broadening!

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