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Interview: PA Brown

 I like  your writing! You have very gritty stories. I still feel a little bad for Bunny. Do you write mostly contemporary stories?
I used to write nothing but contemporary, but lately I've been doing historicals -- still gritty, set during Prohibition. I'm also writing a dragon shapeshifter story right now. Even it's kind of gritty. LOL
I love historicals! I did a story set during Prohibition, but I doubt it is nearly as realistic as yours.  I think you must have a lot of courage. Do you ever feel afraid when you're writing your stories?  
All the time. I always think I'm going to finish it and it will suck. Or it's no where near as good as I think it is. Especially trying something new. I haven't read an historical quite like it -- one's a straight novel about a very corrupt cop who's not a nice guy at all. You have to read a good bit of the story to find him getting nicer and I wonder if people will. The other one is about a boy who goes to Hollywood, becomes a high class hustler and falls in love with a less than perfect cop who does some pretty bad things too.
Even the dragonshifter story is as much science fiction as it is paranormal. I guess I don't know how to be normal. LOL.
Normal is highly over rated. What kind of dragon? Asian dragon or European dragon?  
I think your stories are unlike most other stories, much grittier. Personal question... is that from your own past or mostly just imagination? 
I'd say it's from my past. I've had some pretty gritty experiences and met a lot of 'characters' including a murderer.
The dragon is probably more European. They have a culture that is pretty medieval, the dragonshifters are the rulers. They have servants that are not really humans, but humanoid. There are the pure dragons, called dragonshifters, and to rule a dragonshifter has to mate with a dragoncross -- a male dragon mates with a human female and has a 'crossed' offspring who becomes the Lords mate.
Most of the people don't have families -- they are geldings, or gelds. They are trained as servants and soldiers. Then there are the breeders who do reproduce. They all live in small villages protected by a pair of mated dragons.
In this story there's a neighboring dragon kingdom that launches war on our heroes kingdom and there's fighting and lots of conflict.
Wow! That sounds really good. Lots of world building.  Sometimes I work through issues by giving them to my characters and having them work through them. I guess I kind of hope. 
I'd say it's from my past. I've had some pretty gritty experiences and met a lot of 'characters' including a murderer.
The dragon is probably more European. They have a culture that is pretty medieval, the dragonshifters are the rulers. They have servants that are not really humans, but humanoid. There are the pure dragons, called dragonshifters, and to rule a dragonshifter has to mate with a dragoncross -- a male dragon mates with a human female and has a 'crossed' offspring who becomes the Lords mate.
Most of the people don't have families -- they are geldings, or gelds. They are trained as servants and soldiers. Then there are the breeders who do reproduce. They all live in small villages protected by a pair of mated dragons.
In this story there's a neighboring dragon kingdom that launches war on our heroes kingdom and there's fighting and lots of conflict.
So there are humanoids... who get to be peasants. There are pure dragons. I imagine they are very well endowed.  Cross breeds.  And then there are the shifters?  Are the pure dragons and the shifters the same?  Tell me about the hero of the story? 
The hero of the story is Alecca, a dragon cross. His mother mated with the current ruler, Kalec, and when Alecca turned 21 he had to do two things -- mate with Ciburon, the dragonshifter (he's a pure dragon) who will succeed Kalec, and he must make his first shift into dragon form. If he fails at either, he'll either become a serf of he'll be dead. This is where the story opens. 
There's a big ritual ceremony they both have to go through, then they have sex, and at midnight they go outside and Alecca has to shift. All he's had are dreams about his shape and he has to use his memories of that to 'find' his true dragon form. 
Their enemy is another dragon who wants to take over their kingdom, so that leads to an attempted assassination and eventually war.
I'm at the point in the story where they fly off to confront the bad guys.
That sounds really exciting! Give us a small excerpt? Is Alecca a gritty and rough character? He sounds pretty young and privilege to be really jaded.
Here it is then. This is what follows the ceremony that makes Alecca and Ciburon a mated pair. The honeymoon, I guess you'd say. This is Chapter 4.
Chapter 4
The fire in Alecca's room had been refreshed with new wood and the room smelled of wood smoke and oil from a few flickering wall sconces. A carafe of wine and two crystal glasses sat on a bedside table. Bowls of warm oils were beside the wine. Ciburon tossed aside his heavy cloak and sat in a chair beside the fire. Alecca knelt and pulled his boots off. Before standing, he stroked the man's taut calves, marveling at the smoothness of his skin.
Ciburon poured wine for them both, raising his glass in a toast. "To Oronna, may his fields be fertile. Tomorrow we hunt." They drank. He gripped Alecca's arm above the elbow. His grip was punishing, but all Alecca felt was a raw pleasure that seared him to the root of his cock. "Tonight you become mine."
"Yes, my lord."
"Cae, you will call me Cae." His grip became a caress, swooping up to cup the back of Alecca's head, winding through his hair, drawing him near. "Tomorrow you will find your true form."
Alecca closed his eyes. "Yes, Cae," he whispered seconds before Ciburon's mouth covered his. Alecca was more than happy to follow Ciburon's lead. At eighty-five years Ciburon had experience that Alecca could only dream of. He kept his eyes closed while Ciburon explored his mouth with his tongue, probing the depths. His hands roamed Alecca's back drawing him forward and pressing them together, belly to belly, hip to hip, chest to chest. For the first time he felt a man's cock, hard against him. The silky material he had put on following his bath vanished in an instant. He shivered.
"Are you cold?" Ciburon stroked his cheek and his throat with his tongue and his lips. "Do I need to stoke the fire?"
Alecca wasn't aware of moving, but the next thing he knew he was beside his bed and Ciburon was stroking warm, scented oil all over his naked skin. He shivered again, but it had nothing to do with cold.
"No." It came out as a squeak but neither of them seemed to notice. Ciburon's tunic vanished, followed by his leggings. He wore nothing underneath. Alecca broke contact and holding Ciburon at arms length studied the man who would soon be his lover. Ciburon was dark, much darker than his own  golden hued skin. He was totally hairless. His thick, red cock rose out of his smooth groin, bobbing against his belly, leaving a smear of clear liquid. While he watched, Ciburon wrapped his oiled fist around it, pulling the hood of skin away from the head, which now glistened, purple and moist with fluid and oil. He flicked his thumb over the head and more fluid leaked out. Then he pulled his hand away.
Released, the cock bounced against his stomach. Alecca drank it in.
"Touch it," Ciburon said, his voice hoarse. "Anoint me."
Alecca did as ordered. With trembling fingers he dipped his hands in the oil. Then he traced the veins climbing the thick shaft or Ciburon's erection, sliding  two fingers under the sacs of flesh. He moved up the narrow waist to the broad, muscled chest, slicking his hands over hairless flesh that felt hot to his touch. When he raised his head and met Ciburon's eyes he saw they were fully dilated; the gold of his eyes almost vanished behind the bottomless black irises. Without a word Ciburon sank to his knees and took Alecca in his mouth.
He cried out and jerked his hips forward. Ciburon steadied him with one hand even as he consumed Alecca's cock to the root. The hot, wet mouth and agile tongue circled the shaft. His cock throbbed with the need to burst. Before that happened Ciburon stood up and roughly slammed his mouth down on Alecca's. 
Alecca wanted to touch him more. He slid his fingers around the rounded blood-infused cockhead, brushing off a drop and carrying it to his mouth, tasting the musky saltiness. Ciburon's lips pulled back in a grimace. Emboldened, Alecca stroked the full length, wrapping his fist around the shaft and pumped. 
Ciburon hissed and thrust into Alecca's fist. He repeated the gesture. This time Ciburon groaned and grabbed Alecca's wrist.
"Enough. Or we'll end this here."
He pulled Alecca into his arms. All vestiges of gentleness were gone. Without breaking their link, he pushed Alecca down on his bed, then reared over him, his cock already probing the younger man's ass.
Alecca tried to relax, but his body remained tense as he was pierced by a solid bolt of raw agony.  He had known there would be pain. But not this. Not agony so intense he thought flame had become a solid shaft now tearing him apart. He knew the pain was a necessary part of the shifting. But it was unbearable; he pushed against Ciburon's chest, but the larger, heavier man couldn't be moved. He threw his head back and screamed. The sound ricocheted off the stone walls. He raked his nails down the other man's back and Ciburon arched his spine. The tendons of his neck stood out in sharp contrast and he drove himself deeper into Alecca with a howl, his entire body going rigid when he emptied himself into his lover.
Alecca screamed again. Then the pain dissolved, his nerve endings came alive, followed by unbearable pleasure. It mounted and he heard himself moaning as he spewed ejaculate across his stomach.
They collapsed together on the scattered bed clothes. Ciburon remained buried inside Alecca and neither made a move to separate. He was still semi-hard.
"Now we are one." Ciburon spoke so softly only Alecca's attuned ears could have heard his words.
"Forever," he murmured in reply.
Ciburon stroked Alecca's sweating forehead, leaving the lingering smell of herbs and oils. A tear leaked down his cheek. Ciburon used his thumb to brush it away. Then he lowered his head and kissed him, gently this time. He nibbled on Alecca's lips. Their breath mingled.
Still inside him, Ciburon's cock grew hard again. This time there was no pain, only an aching fullness that quickly became heat as he began thrusting his hips. Ciburon rose up on his arms, driving himself in again and again. His lean, dark face twisted in mounting desire.
Alecca's pleasure climbed to unbearable heights. This time he thrust back, moving his hips in savage action. His own cock grew hard and he cried out as Ciburon pour himself into Alecca again. His ass was slick with semen and blood, when Ciburon pulled out, his softening cock was covered with the same.
He rolled over and cradled Alecca in his arms. 
"At first moon you must come with me. We will leave here with nothing but your skin. Then you must change." His voice was solemn; his touch was gentle. "You must do this, for me." He stroked Alecca's open mouth. "For us."
"I will. I'm ready now."
Wow! That's intense! I bet it will sell really well! When's the release date?
No firm release date. It will go to AmberQuill and probably come out next year. Hopefully early.
You have a lovely blog. I haven't blogged on LJ for so long though. I really enjoyed your post about sex selling books. I worry that's true too.  Have you ever thought about having your books drawn as comics/manga?
I never had actually. The interesting thing about sex selling, is an AmberQuill author who writes both m/m and f/m and she said the f/m aren't selling. With or without sex. Now that's odd. I would hate to think we're becoming so narrow in what we read.
We have other sources for good m/f. Movies, television, even video games supply the market with really good m/f stories. I think other forms of media are taking over a lot of the entertainment market.  A long time ago people got their stories mostly threw live storytellers, plays, but times change.
Do you have an ebook reader? Want one? 
I want an ebook reader, don't have one. I'm waiting for them to drop in price, or I get a really big royalty. LOL.
I have an ipad, and I love it to pieces, but I want a kindle too... Oh man, so need lots of books to sell!  So last question!  If you could meet any person from past or the future, who would you meet and why? 
Hmm, anyone. A couple of Angelenos I'd love to meet and talk with. William Mulholland and William Parker, the LAPD police chief who created the modern LAPD. I think I'd go with Parker, since the police fascinate me.
He was quite a drinker, too, so I could take him out for drinks and get him talking. <G>
Sebastian:  Now that would be fun! Wicked, but fun. What secrets do you think he might tell you?
Some of the dirty secrets of the cops he worked with before he became Chief. He came to L.A. in the 20s from Texas. So he saw L.A. at its wildest and at the time when the LAPD were rotten to the core so I'm sure he'd have a lot of stories that never made it into the history books.
Those are secrets that I bet no one could tell as well as you could!  So if there's one message you could give the world, what would it be?
Be tolerant and respect others, have an open mind and never stop learning. I think if we all practiced a bit more of that, there would be a lot less hate and conflict in the world.
I completely agree!  Sometimes tolerance feels hard to do, but it is really the only path to peace and good times for all of us. Thank you so much for joining us today!  When people want to find out more about you, where should they look? 
My gay fiction web site (as P.A Brown) is:
My historical fiction web site (as GK Parker) is:
Twitter: http//
P.A. Brown's Facebook:!/PatABrown
Again, thank you so much for joining us!  I look forward to watching your dragons fly!


P.A.Brown said…
Love that dragon picture, Nix. It's so perfect.
Nix Winter said…
@P.A. Your dragons are so inspiring! :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Pat, that is one HOT read.

Great interview Nix! Yes, I too love the dragon picture. :)

Also, I love comics and Manga, but I'm fairly new to it all. I never know where to get hold of it, over here in the UK.
Megan Johns said…
Great interview and excerpt.
Congrats to you both, Nix and Pat

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