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August and Anderson: Where They Weren't Supposed to be Part 1

Where They Weren't Supposed to be
Part One
by Sebastian Blade
copyright 2010
all rights reserved 
Corey Anderson had done many things he'd never have imagined himself doing since he met August Richards V.  He didn't regret any of those things. His deep faith in God had only grown deeper with the joy of love and intimacy. It wasn't exactly what he would have expected from having an atheist as a boyfriend or premarital sex, but he didn't understand everything about the world.
They went to the same university. Corey had a one room apartment in the basement of Saint Sarah's. August lived at home, but the house had fifteen bedrooms, so Corey could see how that would make sense. He'd tried to dress up a bit today, not for August, but for his family.  Second hand tee-shirts, jeans, and six year old sandals somehow did not impress the Richards household. So tonight he was in black slacks that he borrowed from Father Thomas, a white button up shirt he'd gotten from his waiter buddy, and the most uncomfortable black close toed shoes that Corey could imagine.  At twenty-three, he shouldn't feel like a gawky kid knocking on his boyfriend's door, but that was exactly how he felt. The house was bigger than the chapel at Saint Sarah's and he wasn't really sure he how he felt about a single family having that much house.
After he knocked the wait felt long enough to leave him imagining the beginning of a horror movie. Slender red headed social activist in uncomfortable, but hopefully presentable clothes, shows up at his boyfriend's house for an evening of Friday evening movie watching and studying only to be.... Corey fidgeted, considered taking off the new black leather shoes, twisted up his mouth in thought, thought better of trying to get into the Richards' house barefooted. His imagination wandered back to the horror movie that he might be about to walk into. Giant spiders. That was it. The slender red headed social activist, with beautiful green eyes, and no freckles, as it was his movie, he could have no freckles if he wanted, would knock on the door to his boyfriend's family home and a giant spider would come out and eat him. That would be better than, say August's family butler coming out and looking down his nose to announce that August was not available.
That had actually happened the first time he'd walked all the way up the half a mile long drive way.  August had come running down the drive way to catch him before he got completely off the property. Complete misunderstanding. Never happen again. August promised. 
Corey shoved his hands into his pockets, rocked on the balls of is feet, turned to look back towards the big gate on the drive way. If they didn't want people slipping through it, they should have made the bars closer together. 
Finally the door opened and the butler, a very prim Chinese man who seemed inappropriately tall looked down at Corey, then arched a dark eyebrow slowly. 
Corey could have sworn he was about to get directions to the door for 'the help'.  
"Mr. August would appreciate if you could wait for him in his suite. He has arranged a computer for you and are welcome to any of the food in the kitchen. He regrets that he could not be here to greet you himself. An urgent errand called him away. Please come in, Mr. Anderson."
"Uh, thanks," Corey said. He smiled really brightly, looked the butler right in the eyes, held the connection for a moment. "You know, you're welcome to come to mass on Sunday, right? Happy to see you there."
The massive ethnically Chinese butler's face actually flickered with real emotion, as if he'd just let a spider into the house. "I'm sorry, Mr. Anderson. I'm Buddhist."
"Yeah, yeah, that's okay. You're still welcome."
Corey laughed and ran up the broad staircase towards August's room. 
The room was huge, really a studio apartment. August had more suits than Corey had books, but the room really had one great advantage over any other place on Earth. Corey closed the door behind him, leaned against it for a moment, then strode towards the actual bedroom part of the suite. He broke into a run half way across the room and bounced on the great big thick comfortable bed!  He grabbed August's pillow and pressed his face against the cool cotton fluff that smelled so much like his lover. Snuggled up on the bed around August's pillow he hadn't meant to fall asleep.
"Wake up!" August whispered in his ear, warm and so intimately delicious. 
Corey moaned softly, arms reaching out to August in the most gentle, unassuming way, until he had his arms around his law student boyfriend, pulled him off balance and down onto the bed. "Welcome home. The only thing that's better than your pillow is you!"
August hooked a leg around Corey's legs, holding him close as they rolled, Corey on top. "You are my naughty little church boy, you know that? We can't fuck right now. I have a surprise for you."
"I only want you," Corey said, arching his hips up against his boyfriend, pressing his erection up. "August."
"I want you too," August said, letting his weight press down on his boyfriend, elbows on the bed on either side of Corey's head. He kissed him just a little, just enough to leave the red head moaning. "I have tickets to The Vamps."
"That Japanese band you like? When?"
"In about three  hours," August purred, rocking his hips against Corey, just to make sure there was no lack of desire on his part. "I want to have sex... at the concert."
Corey's mouth dropped open, green eyes wide and utterly, completely and utterly at a loss for words. "At the concert?"
"Uh uh. With Hyde's super sexy voice washing over us,  your dick in my ass, dancing together until we cum."
"That's," Corey said, his heart beating crazy fast, "dirty." He didn't sound like he meant dirty though. He sounded like he meant really fucking hot. 
"Very dirty,"  August agreed, kissing Corey again, before he pulled back, squatting on Corey's hips. "I'd do you now, but waiting will make it that much hotter."
"Okay," Corey said, knowing there was nothing on the planet that he could deny August. 
"And another thing," August said, "We've got to get dressed at your place... because we're going to slip out the back. I don't want my body guard along for the night. You can be my body guard. You'll guard my body, won't you?"
In that moment, Corey could only agree. There was nothing he won't defend August from, do for him. If he'd known that August's family employed an ex-marine with extensive urban combat skills as August's driver and body guard, he might have found a bit more common sense/ 
In Part Two... August shares the new clothes he bought... bondage pants, tight tee-shirts, there might even be a skirt involved... it's going to be a wild concert. 


Noly said…
Oooo, mmmmmm, I can't wait for part two:)
Nix Winter said…
@Noly! Thank you for coming by :) I can't wait till part two is done... I'll have trouble waiting till Saturday to post it!
Herlihy said…
Oh awesome, Nix! Can't wait for more!

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