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Interview: PA Brown

Sebastian:  I like  your writing! You have very gritty stories. I still feel a little bad for Bunny. Do you write mostly contemporary stories? Pat: I used to write nothing but contemporary, but lately I've been doing historicals -- still gritty, set during Prohibition. I'm also writing a dragon shapeshifter story right now. Even it's kind of gritty. LOL Sebastian: I love historicals! I did a story set during Prohibition, but I doubt it is nearly as realistic as yours.  I think you must have a lot of courage. Do you ever feel afraid when you're writing your stories?   Pat: All the time. I always think I'm going to finish it and it will suck. Or it's no where near as good as I think it is. Especially trying something new. I haven't read an historical quite like it -- one's a straight novel about a very corrupt cop who's not a nice guy at all. You have to read a good bit of the story to find him getting nicer and I wonder if people will. The other one is abou…

Faith from Faith in the Moon

Interview: SJ Frost

Shannon Nix:  Welcome to Yaoi Kisses! It's exciting to have you with us today! Tell us a little about yourself?  From your site it looks like you've got a lot of books out. Vampires! Yum! What do you do to research your stories?  SJ: Hey, Nix!  Thank you so much for having me here!  A little about myself...let's see, I'm an author of m/m erotic romance.  My stories are heavily focused on the love and passion two men can have for each other.  I've been very fortunate to have my three rock star novels published with MLR Press, and in being having some short stories in various anthologies with other publishers.  And I'll second that yum on vampires!  I was really excited when my muse introduced me to some wanting their story told because I'm a big vamp fan, too.  I'm still working out the title on it, but it's been contracted by MLR Press and we're hoping for a release later this year.
I research like crazy, double and triple checking my facts in stories…


Ice by Sebastian Blade
copyright 2005 all rights reserved Note: This is not an erotic story. It's backstory for Jewls the Lucky There were six bards, cloaked in black with gray fur, lush wool and leather, like a bad omen against the icy barren plain which wound slender up into the mountains. They were the same mountains that Jewls had struggled over to find the village of the bard guildmaster. They'd been in fall then and nuts and grasses had been plentiful and he'd been alone. If he could have, he would have quietly wandered away from the other bards, found his own path over and been free. He had their mark now, his mark, burned and colored into him so that it would never leave. He was a bard in the house of fire, a house made up of road bards and considered the most volatile of the houses, so much so that the master of fire was a permanent guest at the bard village. Jewls had learned though that while bards do not lie, ever, they do create many illusions, misdirection, and they…