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The First Saturday was a Wednesday

This pic of them is from when they're a little older...

The First Saturday was a Wednesday August and Anderson by Sebastian Blade
copyright 2010 all rights reserved The food drive had been his idea.  Saint Sarah's had a firm budget, laid out by all the donations they had received so far, and there wasn't room for much else. The kids had a soccer team. The league required new uniforms. Resources to get said uniforms had dried up. Corey didn't have the money to buy five hundred dollars worth of soccer uniforms. He already worked for the school three days a week without pay. It made sense to him though, that if he could raise the money for food, which people would help with, money could be diverted to soccer uniforms.  Okay, maybe not the most strictly ethical thing he'd ever thought up. There was the slightest bit of guilt about it.  It had been beautiful day and he didn't have school work or other responsibilities. The sky was blue like summer would never end. Smiling h…

A Wizard and his Swordsman

This image is totally inspired by my love of Fai and Kurogane, who come from the manga Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by Clamp.
Awesome manga. I totally recommend it.. a complete mind fuck, but with really, really pretty art. 

Confessions and a Cassock

Confessions and a Cassock  by Sebastian Blade
copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved He had red hair, fine golden copper, dark green eyes. He'd been a runner in college, strong and fast.  Black suited him. His slacks lay perfectly over a firm ass, the little white at his throat that promised he was a decent and upstanding man, a servant of God. And he was. Monday through Friday he taught at Saint Sarah's Academy. Sundays he worked in the parish, counseling and genuinely caring for people. He'd watched children, built fences, milked cows, changed tires, and read letters to people. God called him to be a servant of men, and he was.  There were some thoughts to wrestle with though. When he'd been a younger man, back in his college days, he known an uninhibited brunet who had made him wonder what path he wanted for his life.  It was Saturday. The questions always came back.  The brunet had become a lawyer. The brunet's name was August Richards.  Father Anderson knew that he shouldn…

A pic of Valentine

I've always liked this pic!