Fic: Madness - August and Anderson

Madness By Julian Maxwell
All Rights Reserved, copyright 2017

When they had started, Auggie had neat just-expelled-from-Harvard brown hair and Corey’s hair was long, red, looking like Jesus hair. They’d been two boys, a path to being a priest and a path to being a playboy.  If you add twenty years, a traumatic abduction, a nasty set of addictions,  a failed law career, an excommunication -  there is the mix of life that money and god can’t protect a heart from, a marriage that storybooks are not made of.
Now Auggie’s hair was down to his shoulders, grey at the temples.  Corey’s hair was cut short, done with a pair of clippers in their bathroom and about as even as his temper.   They stared at each other in the hall of Corey’s condo, a white button up shirt hanging from Corey’s fingers as if it were a misplaced bag of dog poop.
“What the shit is this,” Corey snarled, his green eyes narrow, thin Irish lips curling. “We had an agreement!”
August was more bulldog, wearing a suit out of a chain…

Dark Poetry 2/?

Dark Poetry
Chapter Two
by Julian Maxwell

All rights reserved, copyright 2017

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Chapter Two

He scratched at his palm, at this one spot that had itched since he’d woken up in the hospital. The rough edges of the now calloused little spot was almost comforting.
So there are those ideas that seem amazing when you’re standing in the bathroom naked with three days of beard on your face. Sitting down to the computer, to try to share that idea with someone else it gets a little harder.
It wasn’t like he could time travel back to that night when Oak had kissed him.  A kiss by a boy in the middle of a war that was likely to kill them and everyone they’d ever known was hardly solid intel for the state of that boy’s mind fifteen years later. Maybe Oak had grown up, gotten married, had five kids and a circus job. Maybe he was dead.
Kyo scratched at the calloused crater on his palm, tongue rubbing …

Original Dark Poetry 1/?

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Dark Poetry By Julian

Dreams layer on each other, blending into memory, bleeding through the skin when waking is too far away.  Kyo Raines felt the blast rush past him, burning his cheek, specks of glittering cinder debris floating in the disturbed air.  His boot skidded on the tearing asphalt. Unlike people, bombs just do what they’re going to do. You don’t need to understand them. You don’t need to like them. You can’t always stop them. Unlike people the blast only lasts how long it lasts. People can just make that happen over and over again.  
Arm up to protect his face, the blast played again just like earlier in the night. Whatever his thoughts had been in the first experience, he didn’t know, but now he thought about how he didn’t want to be in this moment. He wondered about a blast could take off a person’s legs, bleed out eyes until there were no tears, no sight, no remaining biological flesh, …

Pic: Wonder Woman at the Battle of Maxwell Church


Fic: To Kiss the Queen of Hearts

To Kiss the Queen of Hearts
By Max
Copyright 2017 All rights reserved

“We are the three musketeers!” Charles shouted, a fist in the air, his other arm over Malik’s shoulders so that the world was a little more stable. “We will always be together!”
Standing outside of the closing club, 2 A.M. bringing them into the last day of Spring break. Even at that moment they knew that life was never going to be the same.
“That is unlikely,” Malik said softly, arm around Charles’ waist, holding him on his feet, “but we will always be Athos, Porthos, and Aramis. We will stay in touch.”
“We’ll live in the same town! We’ll join a new team together,” Charles declared, finding his feet. “Rugby forever!”
“You’ve had enough head injuries,” Kenji said firmly, reaching out to brush fingers over Charles’ gradient of a  rainbow hair. “Maybe we should go back to Jessie’s place, get some sleep. Go surfing or something tomorrow.”
Charles turned to his friend, left pointer finger floating and bobbing as he pointed at …